Rainbow Childhoods: an anthology of stories about growing up LGBTQ in Kenya

November 2, 2022|galck+

When it comes to understanding and supporting the LGBTQ communities of Kenya in all their diversity, one aspect too often overlooked is the childhood experiences of LGBTQ Kenyans. galck+ aims to change that with an anthology compiling stories portraying different aspects of the LGBTQ youth experiences, including childhood struggles in understanding sex, gender roles, sexuality, and gender identities.

“In these deeply moving and empowering stories of LGBTQ+ persons in Kenya, readers will understand the lives of LGBTQ+ people growing up, from the beginning of their childhood experience to their young adult lives they tell these remarkable and under-told stories,” galck+ says in a statement. “You will see firsthand how children with alternative sexual orientations and gender identities feel included and excluded from their various communities; their school communities, peer groups, religious groups, healthcare, and others. Forms of support that they indicate would have been helpful to them and how they view their own health and well-being.”