Kaleidoscope: Findings and reflections on LGBTQI+ movements in Mexico

December 27, 2019|Fondo Semillas
This report by Fondo Semillas—following a methodology developed by Global Fund for Women—provides a glimpse inside LGBTQI+ movements in Mexico using reviews of literature and interviews with organizations, activists, and experts conducted between August and September 2018. Participants described achievements, strategies, challenges, collaboration, and other qualities of LGBTQI+ movements in the country. The publication includes a survey on funding sources and recommendations for LGBTQI+ movements and donors.

Arcus commissioned the production of this report in the context of the strategic planning of its Social Justice Program. The report is part of an effort to learn about LGBTQ communities in Arcus’ focus geographic regions and countries, along its strategy contributing to increased safety, legal protection, and social inclusion. The information contained within reflects the opinions of its authors and not necessarily those of Arcus. Arcus uses some but not all of the findings to guide grantmaking decisions.