Best Practice Guidelines for Responsible Images of Nonhuman Primates

November 25, 2021|IUCN
Photos or videos can draw the attention of millions of people to primate conservation and welfare. However, if the context of the images is inappropriate, unclear or lost, people may draw mistaken conclusions about the content, particularly when these images are shared on popular social media platforms. A set of guidelines from the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group explores the key role primatologists, conservationists, and animal care staff have in delivering suitable messages about primates, and how these messengers can reduce the potential costs of sharing primate imagery online.

The guidelines stress that all primate experts should:
  • Ensure their organization has a code of conduct regarding the dissemination of imagery by staff, students and volunteers.
  • Promote education by explaining the issues related to images of people close to primates for primate conservation and welfare on websites, publications, programs, presentations, and guided tours.
  • Model appropriate behavior by photographing people outside captive primate enclosures (unless the primates are captive but free-ranging), rather than inside.