A Plan for Saving Forests and Climate, 2020-2030

May 5, 2022|Canopy

Scientists have identified forest maintenance and restoration as crucial to solving the climate crisis. Yet paper products, packaging materials, and forest-derived fabrics continue to put immense pressures on the world’s ancient and endangered forests. A report from Canopy Planet outlines a 10-year plan for saving forests and the climate through large-scale investment in alternatives to forest-derived products.

“A forest is much more than the sum of its trees,” the report states. “Forests, including the soils they create and are anchored in, are massive carbon sinks. They provide homes to thousands of species, regulate the climate and act as rainfall generators, to name just a few ecological benefits of forests. Less than 20% of the world’s original forests remain in tracts large enough to sustain their full range of ecosystem services.”