2016 Arcus Report Highlights Courageous Activists Taking Steps to Ensure Social and Environmental Justice

September 25, 2017|Arcus Foundation

The year 2016 brought major geopolitical shifts and new challenges for those with a stake in Arcus’ mission. There’s no question that Arcus’ work has grown harder since our last annual report, but our commitment to the work has never been stronger. We’re doing all we can to strategically enable as many activists as possible in the battle to eradicate senseless identity-based suffering and destruction of the biodiversity that sustains all life on the planet.

In this report, you’ll read about some of the dedicated and courageous people who are taking steps to ensure that life on the planet is more durable, welcoming, and just. You’ll meet Farwiza Farhan, working tirelessly to preserve Indonesia’s unparalleled Leuser ecosystem, as well as Annie and Muyisa, orphan apes whose lives have been transformed by the high-quality, loving care they received in sanctuaries. You’ll also meet T. Gonzales and M. Adams who are organizing LGBTQ people, communities of color, and immigrants to demand fair policing and immigration policies from the U.S. cities where they live. And you’ll be inspired by Khartini Slamah, a Malaysian transgender woman standing up in her Muslim faith against state-enforced restrictions on gender.

Follow the links below to learn more; browse the pages of the e-book; or download the full PDF report.


LGBTQ Muslims Find New Direction Amid Clash of Phobias

International LGBTQ Activists Fight for Freedoms, Against Criminalization

As Backlash Starts in U.S., Trans Immigrants, People of Color Create New Alliances

Global Initiative Launched to Support Trans Lives


Conservationists Challenge Ruling on Fragile Indonesia Ecosystem

Ecotourism Project Supports Cambodia’s Treetop Gibbons

After Three Years, Rescued Gorilla Orphan Finds a Home

Annie and Her Baby Learn to Live in the Wild

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