Inclusion & Acceptance

Increased inclusion and acceptance of LGBTQ people

Anticipated Outcome:
  • Positive public perceptions, narratives, and discourses that appreciate the full diversity and experiences of LGBTQ people, produced in conjunction with or by LGBTQ people themselves, especially those pushed to the margins.
Funding Strategies Include:
  • Production, disaggregation, and analysis of data on public opinion, including perception, messaging, and understanding—particularly related to those most marginalized—and tracking and analysis of media representation to build medium and long-term strategies;
  • Targeted coverage by multiple forms of media and education campaigns for LGBTQ acceptance and social inclusion, particularly focused on those most excluded, and including voices of leaders from both faith and non-faith backgrounds;
  • Training with actionable outcomes for specific changes, such as for the media to increase positive coverage of LGBTQ issues or among faith leaders to advocate for greater inclusivity.

Information on other relevant funders may be found on the website of Funders for LGBTQ Issues.