Great Apes & Gibbons Program Priority Landscapes

Pristine areas: Trinational (Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Central African Republic); Virungas (Rwanda, DRC, Uganda); Eastern DRC (DRC); the Greater Mahale Ecosystem (Tanzania); Lomako (DRC); Tshuapa-Lomami-Lualaba (DRC); Northern Rep. of Congo (Republic of Congo); Leuser (Indonesia); Central Kalimantan (Indonesia); Arabella-Schwanner (Indonesia); Gunung Palung (Indonesia); the Hukaung-Htamanthi landscape (Myanmar).

Frontier areas: Batang Toro (Indonesia); Eastern Sabah (Malaysia); Western Java (Indonesia); The Mentawai Islands (Indonesia); Fouta Djallon (Guinea); Cross-river (Nigeria, Cameroon); The Northern Annamites (Laos); Veun Sai-Siem Pang (Cambodia); Tai-Sapo (Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia); East Kalimantan (Indonesia).

Isolated areas: The Cao-vit Landscape (Vietnam/China); Hainan (China).

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