A Discussion About Culture and Conservation

Conservationists involved in wildlife conservation and protection are seeking to better understand the links between local cultural beliefs and practices and conservation efforts.

The Arcus Foundation has commissioned several research studies to identify opportunities to strengthen both conservation and social outcomes by promoting a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between nature and “culture” in its many forms.

On December 6, 2016, Arcus convened a panel discussion with the authors of Culture and Conservation: Investigating the Linkages between Biodiversity Protection and Cultural Values and Practices. These leading thinkers held a provocative conversation about how culture intersects with biodiversity protection, equality, and inclusivity.

Watch the full-length Culture and Conservation panel video here, and read the full discussion paper here.

Dilys Roe Chris Kidd Shonil Bhagwat

                                  Jet Bakels Emil Drani Mark Infield