Catalyst University, a leadership program of Southwest Michigan First, held its inaugural event January 20, 2011, sponsored in part by the Arcus Foundation. Catalyst University, founded in 2010, is a coeducational graduate-level institution offering instruction in community visioning, global economics and executive management. As part of its commitment to build community leadership, Southwest Michigan First, the catalyst stimulating growth across the Kalamazoo Region, has designed this ongoing program to empower our region’s current and next generation of leaders to greatness. At Catalyst University, experience a one-of-a-kind leadership event.
  • Expand your vision of the world to achieve greatness for your business or organization
  • Understand how becoming a better leader will positively impact your business and grow your organization’s bottom line
  • Learn leadership strategies for your business and organization to make our region stronger
  • Gain perspective on your potential to play a positive role in the global economy
  • Open your mind to challenge your traditional methods of thought and reasoning
  • Realize the positive effects of opening yourself to ongoing education – leaders never graduate!
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