With an ever-growing population, agribusiness has raced to keep pace with the demand for more goods. Large tracts of land have been cleared for intensive and large-scale farming that fuel and feed the world.

But the very regions providing for more than 7 billion people overlap with the natural habitats of some of the most endangered animal species on the planet, including the great apes. What can be done to better protect these primates in the face of agricultural expansion, and how can the public and private sectors work together to achieve favorable results?

Farming for the Future is an Arcus Forum bringing together a panel of leading experts and industry leaders to explore the challenges that face industrial agriculture when farming in range states home to chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans. The forum also explores solutions and compromises that allow agribusiness to continue meeting global demand while ensuring the environment, including environmental services and endangered species are protected.

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Catherine Workman
Senior Director, Protecting Wildlife Initiative
National Geographic Society

Featured Panelists

Marc Ancrenaz
Scientific Director, HUTAN Coordinator
Borneo Futures Initiative

Doug Boucher
Director, Climate Research and Analysis
Union of Concerned Scientists

Lorenzo Cotula
Principal Researcher, Natural Resources Group
International Institute for Environment and Development

Glenn Hurowitz
Senior Fellow
Center for International Policy