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"No human being,
simply because of their perceived 
sexual orientation or gender 
identity, may be denied 
their human rights.
Navanethem Pillay, UN High Commissioner

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"I want to know why we are still playing
'Smear the Queer' on our playgrounds.
That needs to stop."Antonio David Garcia,
Executive Director of the Resource Center, Kalamazoo

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75% of U.S. adults favor either marriage or domestic partnerships/civil unions for gay and lesbian couples. Harris Interactive

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"It's not enough to sit behind a computer screen without also taking the brave stance of standing on the front line, in person." Bil Browning, The Bilerico Project

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  1. Why All LGBT People Should Care About Places Like Russia, Uganda and Gambia

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    Why All LGBT People Should Care About Places Like Russia, Uganda and Gambia

    In February, Ugandan President Museveni signed a bill into law criminalizing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and punishing anyone who supports LGBT equality with lifetime imprisonment. Amidst the enthusiastic applause at the bill-signing ceremony, LGBT Ugandans were unable to leave their homes, fearful of their safety.


  2. National Transgender Advocacy Convening Creates New Opportunities

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    National Transgender Advocacy Convening Creates New Opportunities

    The National Transgender Advocacy Convening, hosted by the Arcus Foundation on November 12, 2013, gathered more than 40 transgender activists and allies in a forum to discuss challenges faced by the trans community, including employment, healthcare access, economic security, recognition, equality, advocacy, and the community’s future. The report captures major highlights, themes, and next steps for consideration from the convening.

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  3. Less Than Human?  The Ethics of Our Treatment of Others

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    Less Than Human? The Ethics of Our Treatment of Others

    Humans have a long history of doing violence to one another. And those of us who do not have blood on our hands have a remarkable knack for averting our gaze. This guest blog by David Livingstone Smith examines how we dehumanize others and how understanding this process may help us make the world a more hospitable place for both human and nonhuman animals.


  4. Arcus Foundation Annual Report 2012

    Arcus Foundation Annual Report 2012


    Arcus’ 2012 Annual Report highlights the work of Arcus grantees and partners across the globe who are building movements towards the Foundation's goal of creating a more just and humane world.


Arcus News

  1. Op-Ed: The High Stakes of Bad History

    April 2014

    “Those who control the past control the future.” — George Orwell, 1984. In 1991, I was a high school history teacher in Concord, Mass.  I began each year by reviewing the above Orwell quote with students, helping them understand how what version of the past we accept often shapes the vision of the future we fight for.

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Russia Freedom Fund

The Russia Freedom Fund, hosted by Arcus, provides a channel for financial contributions to support Russia’s LGBT movement. One hundred percent of all donations are paid as grants.

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The Arcus Foundation's social justice program focuses on maximizing impact in its three program areas: International Human Rights; United States; Global Religion.

The Foundation invites inquiries from organizations with projects falling under these areas. For more information on the submitting an inquiry, click the links below:

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Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
New York, NY $680,000

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