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Ascent, the Arcus Foundation Newsletter - Fall 2010

Ascent, the Arcus Foundation Newsletter - Fall 2010

In this issue of Ascent, primatologist Kay Farmer profiles the collaborative leadership of the members of the International Primate Protection League and the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, two Arcus-funded groups whose members are working together to find solutions to aid the plight of endangered great apes threatened by habitat destruction, disease, and the bushmeat and pet trades.

Also, meet Liza Gadsby of Pandrillus Sanctuaries in Nigeria and Cameroon, and Bala Amarasekaran of Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone. Combatting logging, poaching, lack of resources and civil war, these two very compassionate sanctuary directors are driven by their passion for great apes and also, people. As Bala puts it, "We are all connected."

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