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Thank you for your interest in the Arcus Foundation.  We are always looking for innovative ideas that advance informed and engaged communities. 

If your organization is eligible to be funded by Arcus, the next step is to identify which specific program and funding area applies to your program.  The steps below describe the Arcus grantmaking process, and the estimated timeframes associated with each stage.  

How to apply for funding:

1. Submit an Initial Funding Concept (IFC) - The first step in submitting an initial request for funding or a concept is to use our online system. Clicking on the link at the bottom of this page will bring you to a short IFC form within our grantmaking portal.  Once received, it will be directed to the appropriate program staff for review and you can expect to hear from us within 3-4 weeks.

2. Submission of a Letter of Inquiry and full Proposal - If your organization’s work aligns with our values, strategic priorities and EEO requirement, your organization could be invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry, and a subsequent full Proposal, which includes the submission of additional organizational and project-specific documentation.   

3. Proposal review and funding determination - The LOI and Proposal review may include program officers, directors, vice presidents, the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees. The timeframe varies depending on the size and scope of the proposal. Arcus program and grants management staff will be in contact with you during this process and will notify you of the final decision.

Eligibility Considerations:

- Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Requirement -- We believe the organizations we fund should share our goals of inclusiveness, diversity and respect. We therefore require our partners to have an official, board approved EEO policy that specifically includes protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

What we fund

-   General operating support
-   Project support for specific programs
-   Public policy advocacy/organizing campaigns
-   Public policy research/dissemination
-   Capital projects
-   Capacity building
-   Multi-year support


Note: The Arcus Foundation does not fund individuals or support requests to pay off debts. In addition, the foundation does not support political activities or attempts to influence specific legislation.


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The Arcus Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation that supports organizations around the world working to conserve and protect the great apes.

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Awarded Grants

International Wilderness Leadership Foundation
Boulder, Colo. $110,550

Orangutan Appeal UK
Effingham Surrey, U.K. $150,000

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A.P.E.S. Portal

The A.P.E.S. Portal is an online tool
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